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Bridgetown, Barbados
1st – 3rd Nov 2023





Welcome to the Caribbean Energies and Investment Summit and Exhibition (CEIS 2023)

As Caribbean nations seek ways to update and replace legacy energy infrastructure, much of which is locked into oil use and therefore carbon intensive and subject to fluctuating and high energy prices, there is a real opportunity for a new path. The Caribbean Energies & Investment Summit will deliver an annual must attend event for regional and international collaboration based around outcomes and benchmarks on the path to Vision 2030 and Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

The Caribbean is at a pivot point; whereby sustainable energy pathways create unique opportunities to shift the balance of power inherent across many decades and democratize and decarbonize energy. There is an opportunity for the region to move from borrowing capital to generating capital and become a global leader in the attainment of a sustainable energy pathway promoting advocacy, knowledge exchange, technology innovation and regional collaboration.

A new path which delivers democracy of energy supply, supercharged regional collaboration and decarbonisation to create a sustainable energy future.

Why Barbados?

Barbados is transitioning from a petroleum-based economy to the first green, 100% renewable energy and carbon neutral island state in the world and aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. With a target of generating 65% of electricity from renewables the initiative will build a sustainable energy sector based on the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation with the export of fossil fuels found either onshore or off shore, to assist in the development of this new paradigm.

Challenges of meeting high infrastructure costs, modernize the energy grid, the impact of climate change on the island’s energy security and the need to establish a robust regulatory framework to support industry growth will all need to be met. Through attracting energy capital, investment in renewable projects and developing energy storage solutions sustainable energy paths for the Barbados and the Caribbean can be delivered.

Why the Caribbean?

In the context of the current climate crisis, the world is shifting towards a new global energy economy characterised by an increasing uptake of clean energy technologies. At the same time, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has impacted the conventional energy markets bringing uncertainty on prices and sources of supply. The Caribbean is at a pivot point and an opportunity exists to undertake a profound and sustainable paradigm shift of the energy systems.

While the energy sector in the Caribbean is complex and varied, it faces several common challenges, including a heavy reliance on imported liquid fossil fuels, dis-economies of scale, and the exposure to potential crippling natural disasters such as extreme weather events about six months out of every year. All these factors undermine energy security in the region 

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