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Bridgetown, Barbados
1st – 3rd Nov 2023




Genesis Energy

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GENESIS ENERGY GROUP Lighting up Africa for nearly two decades

With the vision of Lighting up Africa one community at a time, GENESIS ENERGY GROUP (GENESIS) is a leading energy infrastructure developer and climate impact investor that is driving positive social, economic, and environmental impact across the African continent. Headquartered in London with presence throughout Africa, GENESIS focuses on development and management of energy projects and facilities. The company provides a range of financial and project-based professional services, including, but not limited to:

● Energy Infrastructure Development, Financing, Construction and Operations Management;

● Solar photovoltaic (PV) and Battery Storage Solutions, including Hybrid Systems;

● Energy Efficiency and Power Plants Conversion Solutions on Distributed Gas-to-Power basis fed by Piped Gas, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and/or Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG); and

● Alternative Energy Services of Waste-To-Energy (WTE), Engineering Procurement and Construction and Finance (EPC & F), Operations & Maintenance etc.


The corporate objective is to respond to energy disparities (energy poverty) which is rampant throughout the African continent, creating a catalyst for causing slowed infrastructural development, negative economic growth, and poor human capital development. Roughly two decades ago, GENESIS ENERGY GROUP was one of the few companies on the continent to conceive the notion that all Africans should have easy access to affordable and clean electricity. To follow on this perception, GENESIS invested its own funds in the first independent power project of 10MW capacity in Guinea Bissau. Thereafter, signed a Power Purchase Agreement for fast-track implementation in Sao Tomé and Principe.

Following the success of these pioneering projects, GENESIS ENERGY GROUP secured the infrastructural management of one of the largest residential mini-grids in Nigeria – the 15MW substation in Banana Island-Ikoyi, Lagos. As a result of the company’s positive project development and commissioning, its footprint grew exponentially over the years in West Africa, leading to the development and contracting of the first gas-fired 41MW Independent Power Project in Benin Republic. A further bigger success that the company prides itself with, is that of developing, financing and still operating the largest licensed off-grid clean power plant in Nigeria, the 84MW gas-fired distributed power project at NNPC’s Port Harcourt Refinery.

Providing a dependable clean energy ecosystem

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP’S mission is to provide a dependable clean energy ecosystem through which African nations can unlock their inherent economic potentials for sustainable growth. At GENESIS, our business model revolves around one key principle: customer-centricity. We believe that by placing our customers at the heart of everything we do, we can create real value and make a lasting impact. With this in mind, we are thrilled to share some of our selected milestones where our commitment to customer-centricity continues to deliver remarkable results.

We take pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services. Over the years, our dedication to excellence has been acknowledged through numerous prestigious awards and accolades. Here are just a few of the notable recognitions we have received:

Inspirational Company in Texas 2021: Being recognized as the "Inspirational Company in Texas 2021" is a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation, customer-centricity, and overall excellence. This prestigious award showcases our ability to inspire and lead in the energy industry, setting new standards for others to follow.

CBI's Most Innovative Company of the Year in 2015: In 2015, we were honoured with the title of "CBI's Most Innovative Company of the Year." This award underscores our commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge technologies and practices. By constantly seeking new and inventive solutions, we have solidified our position as an industry pioneer.

African Utility Company of the Year 2013/2014 in South Africa: The recognition of being named the "African Utility Company of the Year" for 2013 and 2014 highlights our remarkable contributions to the energy sector in Africa. This esteemed award recognizes our relentless efforts in providing reliable, sustainable, and innovative energy solutions to power the continent’s progress.

ISAQ Award for Quality in Geneva 2013: Winning the ISAQ Award for Quality in Geneva 2013 further affirms our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in all aspects of our operations. This prestigious international award acknowledges our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality across our services, processes, and customer interactions.

These awards are a testament to our unyielding pursuit of excellence and our mission to redefine what it means to be a leader in the energy industry. We are immensely proud of these achievements, and they serve as a constant reminder of the trust our customers place in us.

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